Education Scholarship

At the CFD, we view education scholarship as the foundation of high quality educational design, curriculum development, teaching and assessment. We define education scholarship as the development and evaluation of education activities, programs, and products, informed by both practice-based and research-based knowledge. Processes of knowledge mobilization connect education scholarship with basic education research. 

Education scholarship as a process involve needs assessment, literature review, curricular development and implementation, and evaluation. Quick references and useful readings about each of these components are included on our getting funded/started page. Scholars and researchers must consider the ethics and impact of their work throughout the process. 

Other perspectives on education scholarship exist, most building off of Boyer's seminal work and expansions upon it

At CFD we offer a number of programs that support scholarship. We also welcome you to join the Education Research Community and visit our Events page for relevant workshops.

On our consults page, we provide an opportunity to consult with an education scientist from our broad network of partners, including the Wilson Centre.